4 Tips to Follow to Keep Your Local Park Clean and Beautiful for Everyone to Enjoy and Relax

Parks are beautiful and we need to keep them that way. Park management will do what they can to help make it easy, but the rest is up to us. If you like walking in the park or having picnics there, keep it clean. A clean park is good for you, the animals that live there, and it helps keep it pretty. You can do the following things to keep it clean:

1.Use trash cans – Any park has many trash cans situated around the property. Use these bins instead of throwing trash on the ground or leaving it on a bench. Plastic and other materials can be harmful to the birds and other animals that live in the park. Throwing your trash away is good manners and the right thing to do.

2. Community service – Parks often have days where they open up to let volunteer groups help out. You can be one of these volunteers. You will possibly be asked to pick up trash, clean benches, take out trash bags, etc. It depends on the park’s facilities. This way you can give back while enjoying some fresh air and meeting new people.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking – Try to not smoke or drink alcohol while in the park. Apart from the health concerns, cigarette butts and beer bottles are very unsightly. Some parks have designated areas for these activities. Use them instead of making the experience less enjoyable for others. If you do decide to smoke and drink, use the trash cans to throw away your cigarette butts and alcohol bottles.

4. Clean up – If you go for a picnic, clean up after yourself. A good plan to follow is to make sure you take everything you brought with you back home. When you leave the site, it needs to look like it did when you came in.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be helping a lot to keep your park clean. We all want to be able to enjoy a nice walk, jog, or picnic in the park without tripping over trash.

Healthy Activities to Do in a National or Regional Park that is Good, Fun and Relaxing for the Whole Family

The way life works today means we don’t always get out into nature enough. Most adults are in an office all day and when they get home they also stay inside to relax. We need the break and relaxation that nature offers. If you feel that it is time to get out a bit, a great way to go is to visit a national or regional park.
There are several activities that you can do that can also double as family time.

Casual walk

Walking is very good exercise. Your body gets to move and you get some fresh air. Walking with your partner or children always means you get to spend some time together. If your park allows animals, it will be a great treat for your dogs as well. They will love the outdoors and exercise.


Jogging is also great exercise. For some people jogging is when they clear their minds. For others, it is part of socialising. Either way, jogging alone or with a friend in a beautiful setting is great for body and mind.


An old-fashioned picnic in the park is always wonderful. You can have a romantic picnic, family picnic, or even a family reunion picnic. Delicious food, drink, great company, and the beauty of the park will renew your soul.


Some schools have field trips where they go to parks to learn about plant species. This is an option for schools and teachers. If you love plants and learning more about them, you can do your own private exploration. Buy a book about plant species and see if you can identify the ones in the park. You can do the same with the animals in the park. There are usually many different birds, reptiles, and small animals like squirrels. Try and identify the ones you see.
A national park is one of the most beautiful, versatile, and relaxing places you can visit. No matter what you do there, you will go home feeling light and happy. Fresh air and beautiful surroundings renew us.